What are closet doors sliding called?

Closet doors, sliding are necessary, yet sometimes disregarded. They aren’t only concealing storage and maintain the cleanliness of your area, but they also go well with the interior decoration of the room, giving it a finished appearance.

Considering your room’s size, layout, and overall design can help you choose the best closet door style. Learn more about the most common closet door designs to get the one that will make your room seem better.

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Closet doors, sliding

You might be considering installing closet doors sliding if you’re building a new home or looking to update your existing residence. You might be surprised to learn that sliding doors come in a wide variety of styles, each with a special purpose and function. The benefits and cons of some of these popular sliding door types are covered in the list below to assist you in deciding which would work best for your next project.

What are sliding closet doors called?

Space can be saved by using closet doors sliding or pocket doors. A pocket door might be a wonderful choice for a location where there isn’t enough wall space for a barn door, or you don’t want to occupy a lot of floor area. Do you want your closet to be visible to everyone? Because pocket doors don’t get closed 90% of the time, this is something to think about.


Of all the closet door selections, pocket doors unquestionably conserve the most room.


The wall must be erected around a pocket door rather than the other way around as is the case with all other doors, therefore this is not the simplest solution. As the door slides into the wall as well, you would need a minimum amount of wall space to allow for the door’s breadth.

closet doors sliding

Does sliding, door increase home value?

Sliding patio doors are a fantastic choice to think about if you’re searching for a strategy to increase the value of your house. In addition to being low-maintenance and energy-efficient, they can enhance the curb appeal of your house and raise its market value.

Are sliding doors old fashioned?

The fact is, NO! Although it is suggested that this was mainly due to the rise of bi-fold doors and not because sliding doors were genuinely out of style, they may have once been considered a patio door design that was less fashionable. Customers frequently choose ,our custom exterior sliding doors because they have more minimum sight lines than other models, such as bifold doors, and provide more unobstructed vistas.

Do sliding doors take up less space?

Closet doors ,sliding take up much less area because they almost don’t need any free places in the room. Swinging doors require more area to open within your room, which might be problematic in a smaller space with furniture and other doors. To increase the amount of usable space in your room, sliding doors move almost totally within the opening on a small top or bottom roll track. Sliding doors offer a significant return on investment when space is at a premium.

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What are the standard sizes for sliding closet doors?

There is some variety in the size of the typical sliding closet door. Nonetheless, the average height is consistently about 80 inches.

The distinction is made when describing the sliding closet door’s width. As a result, you may use this type of door  spaces of various sizes.

24 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, or 36 inches are the normal widths of closet doors sliding. Learn more about the many sliding door kinds here.

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Size of linen closet door sliding

There are additional, more specialized closets in the house, in addition to those in bedrooms. For instance, the linen closet in your hallway is often smaller than the closet in your bedroom. What measures can you thus anticipate this?

Clothes closet doors come in a variety of widths, just like the majority of the other closet door types we’ve examined.

The regular sizes tightest range has a width of 28 inches. From there, the breadth grows by two inches every time until it reaches 36 inches. Keep in mind that the inside width of your linen closet cannot ever be narrower than the width of the door.

Size of a Typical Bifold Closet Door

The sizes of bifold closet doors sliding vary considerably. Along with the closet’s usual width, this also refers to the quantity and size of each panel. Two-panel doors that open to one side rather than the middle are the more constrained possibilities.

The width of the panel determines the typical measurements for a pair of panels. Panel pairs in sets of 12 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches are common options with a height of 80 inches.

A four-panel bifold door is your other choice. Two panels would press to one side to make up each opening part.

You may enter your closet more easily if you push the doors open in different directions. The panel widths used in a four-panel design are commonly 12 inches, 15 inches, or 18 inches.

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Size of Bifold closet doors sliding

The panels make up Bifold closet doors that swing up. These panels glide open and fold in on themselves like an accordion thanks to tracks and hinges.

Due to this design, you should examine if you have enough room for how far the bifold closet doors will protrude while they are open.

Do all sliding doors need a bottom track?

Interior closet doors sliding can be installed without a bottom track. Nevertheless, bottom tracks are required for outside sliding doors, thus they come with all kits for such doors. The inner sliding doors can be suspended by using only the upper track to support their weight.

Yet, employing a bottom track makes it easier to maintain the sliding doors’ stability and alignment. Since it keeps outside sliding doors grounded and sturdy, it is an essential component of such doors.

closet doors sliding

How do you keep a sliding door on its tracks?

Clear the closet doors sliding Tracks

A sliding door shouldn’t need you to press your entire weight on it to open or close. Using sliding windows and doors requires the least amount of work possible. The major cause of sliding doors developing difficulty when opening and shutting is clogged tracks over time. The security door rollers have a harder time moving along the rails as they get dirtier. If you want the door to operate smoothly, you must clean the tracks.

To remove any dirt that has gathered on the tracks, use a wire brush. Ask a buddy who enjoys golf if they have a wire brush if you don’t have one at home. As an alternative, a toothbrush can be used, although this will greatly lengthen the cleaning time.

Remember to vacuum the area once the rails have been thoroughly cleansed of any debris. To avoid the dirt from building up again on the rails, you should maintain this region clean.

Make the Tracks Lubricated for Easy Usage

The following step after cleaning the tracks is to lubricate them. To help your sliding door rollers move easily along the tracks, spray WD-40 or another silicon-based lubricant on the tracks. Always remember to wipe up any extra spray that spills on the ground to prevent falling on a slick surface.

Make closets, doors, sliding Roller Adjustments

To assist it to glide on tracks, your sliding door contains rollers that can be adjusted on each side. To access the rollers, check for two holes because they are typically covered with plastic plugs.

After you have access to the rollers, you may adjust the screw on them using a screwdriver. By doing this, you may change the height of your sliding door and determine if it glides more smoothly at a lower or higher height.



What are the problems with sliding doors?

Homeowners need to be aware of typical sliding door issues including worn tracks, broken rollers, misaligned locks, bottom part collapse, and broken rollers.

Why are sliding doors better than bifold?

Sliding doors typically provide the greatest views of your outdoor space because the individual panels are frequently larger. They often have larger maximum panel sizes and more glass and less frame than bi-fold doors.