Top 9 corner coffee bar ideas

Why are you looking for corner coffee bar ideas? Because worldwide, more than a billion people regularly consume coffee. That is intriguing, no? Many working people depend on this complex, caffeinated magic beverage to get them through the day. You could be looking for coffee bar ideas for tiny spaces if you’re one of those people who like brewing their coffee yet lives in a small apartment. Isn’t it preferable to brew the ideal cup yourself rather than paying money every day?

Corner coffee bar ideas

We’ve put together a list of some very clever and creative DIY coffee bar ideas for tiny spaces to assist you in your quest to make your morning a bit more cheery—thanks to that freshly made cup of Joe—and to make your pocketbook thank you as well.

The base cabinets, floating shelves, backsplash, and other features are all included in this DIY corner coffee bar construction.

Closet Turned Coffee Bar

Ashley Gilbreath, an interior designer, transformed this closet into a chic coffee shop. The elegant curtain helps to conceal storage and additional supplies, while the built-in shelves are ideal for storing cups, stirrers, and coffee grinds.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

This corner coffee bar ideas and tea bar is concealed behind lovely Ross Alan reclaimed wooden cladding and furnished with a selection of cups, a teapot, a cold brew machine, and most importantly, a coffee maker. When the afternoon comes, you can store your coffee station because the doors tuck in.

Corner coffee bar ideas: Hideaway Beverage Nook

Corner coffee bar ideas: Hideaway Beverage Nook

Designer Kate Marker created this stunning pantry cabinet after being inspired by the ageless nature of English kitchens. Open the imposing doors to display your collection of mugs, then prepare your morning coffee quickly in the Native Trails Malibu sink.

Hidden in the Home Office

You won’t even have to leave your workplace to brew yourself a cup of afternoon coffee thanks to the concealed coffee station inside this built-in desk with these corner coffee bar ideas. Interior designer Krisanna Sanders of Recast Homes makes sure your guests won’t know what’s inside by choosing a stylish cabinet color.

Refreshed Antique Coffee Bar

Apply a glossy finish to an antique buffet to give it a more contemporary look for a genuine trash-to-treasure project. Baskets, jars, and a variety of monotone mugs are used to hide any flaws.

Closet Coffee Bar

By adding bold temporary wallpaper to the wall and adding artistic accessories to the shelves, you can transform a spare closet into a chic coffee shop.

Glamorous Coffee Area

This coffee bar, designed by Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors, stands out without overpowering the rest of the kitchen, thanks to its mirrored backsplash and chic gold embellishments. For keeping cups, utensils, and other commonly used ingredients, the cabinets above and below are perfect.

Corner coffee bar ideas: Simple and Chic Coffee Bar

A coffee machine and your preferred cup should always be kept nearby, but the rest should be hidden in drawers.

Day-to-Night Drinks Cart

From morning to night, keep the beverages coming, whether they contain caffeine or not. The components and accoutrements for morning brews, nightcaps, and everything in between may be kept in this day-to-night cart.

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How do you set up a coffee corner?

How do you set up a coffee corner

Choose a Coffee Station Type before seeing corner coffee bar ideas

Although there are several configurations for coffee stations, the three most common ones are: on the counter, as a standalone piece of furniture, or on a mobile cart.

Coffee station at a counter. There is no need to spend more money on this surface because you already have it for your coffee station foundation. Moreover, countertops are designed to withstand spills and dampness.

The coffee station stands alone. If necessary, a freestanding coffee station may be relocated, and virtually anything can serve as the basis. Have a limited budget? Browse around your home for items that may work well as the foundation for a coffee station.

De-clutter Your Future Coffee Station

Creating an area specifically for coffee is the idea behind a coffee station. so that there is enough room for:

  • Your coffee maker
  • Coffee accessories
  • Cups
  • Canisters
  • Decor

You should shift any additional knickknacks. Most essential, you should allow room on the counter for making coffee. Nothing impedes a coffee station’s functionality and convenience like having to push anything on the floor because of clutter.

Select the design of the coffee shop

It’s time to determine if you want the counter coffee station or the separate coffee bar to blend in or be more of a focal point.

Imagine Storage

There should be enough of space at your coffee station to display your accessories and sense of design, as well as storage for any unattractive objects. See the below list of coffee station storage possibilities.

  • Shelves.
  • Cabinets.
  • Lower shelves.

Present Your Mugs

A few extra cups are necessary for any coffee station, and there are many methods to store and arrange them. The greatest solution for your coffee bar will be one that complements your design aesthetic while also making your mugs conveniently accessible.

Establish Order before seeing corner coffee bar ideas

You’ll also want your other coffee accoutrements, including cups, to look their best and be easy to use. These might contain things like filters, coffee beans, coffee add-ins, and linens.

Make a statement with accessories

It’s time to consider accessories when you’ve finished all the necessary preparations to make your coffee station practical for your house. Several modest adjustments might be made to bring a coffee shop to life.

FAQ | Corner coffee bar ideas

What should a coffee bar include?

The following crucial components must be included: Espresso machine. Coffee beans Espresso grinder. 6–8 cups of coffee. Spoons. Dispensers for coffee syrup. Sugar and Bowl of Sugar. Creamer.

Where should a coffee bar be placed?

It may be in your dining room, kitchen eating area, or the space between the kitchen and main living area.

How do you make a coffee bar in a small space?

Never fear if your space is limited for a coffee bar. Instead, put some floating shelves for your favourite cups on a portion of your kitchen wall, and keep your coffee machine nearby. It’s the ideal coffee shop for a tiny area.