We are keen to use the most refined German, Italian, and Swiss woods for our closets. We use chipboard or the so-called compressed wood, as we assure its durability and quality.

The prices usually vary according to some factors: interior designs and the closets’ dimensions are among them. Our team will inform you about all the costs details beforehand so that you have full insight about it.

The optimal height of the closet is 280 CM. If the room height exceeds the optimal height, we suggest either covering the rest of the area with woods or extending the closet to the ceiling and using this space for storage purposes.

For sliding doors, we only use aluminum frames, as it’s the best material to be used for that purpose. We provide many different colors between silver, gold, and copper shades for the customer to choose what goes with their closets.

Since hinges are very susceptible to damage, we make sure we bring the finest German, Italian, and Austrian-made types, which ensures that they remain intact for as long as possible.

Gulf Closets provides 25 years of warranty, which includes merely every part of the closet, including maintenance of hinges, doors, drawer runners, and other parts. Glass is excluded from the warranty.

The price doesn’t differ between the two types. However, prices vary according to some factors, such as the design and the pieces chosen by the client.

Re-dismantling and re-installation are among the after-sales services that we offer. That would also include any amendments needed to the units in order to fit their new places.

It’s estimated at 6mm, which is very suitable for closets to guarantee the best quality.

All the units are manufactured inside our factory, located in Umm Al Quwain.

No, it’s not. However, it doesn’t absorb water easily. We always advise our clients not to expose their closets to direct water to keep them intact.

They are over-priced because of two main factors. The first is that the materials themselves are costly. The second is dyeing process usually needs some time.

Cabinets’ lighting warranty is only one year.

In order to install light sensors, we need more wood, bearing in mind that we need lighting sensors for each section. The whole process takes a long time. That’s why it’s a bit pricey.

There is no significant difference in terms of usage and quality. However, the only difference is the compressed wood mainly consists of sawdust, while MDF consists of cardboard or paper.

Wooden slices are all hand-made. Hence, it takes longer to be ready, which is why they are pricey.

It depends on which time of the year we are in, the type of unit you requested, its size, and the closets’ accessories. But in general, it takes between 20 to 45 days after the final measurements are approved.