Kitchen pantry storage ideas (10 Great Ideas)

The Kitchen pantry storage ideas are the hidden weapon for maintaining cleanliness and organization in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a gloomy place where bulk supplies, outdated household items, and old Halloween sweets are kept. For everyday usage to be simple, a pantry must be simplified and organized. Also, you must utilize every square inch of the pantry because it is typically smaller than the kitchen. We’ve compiled some pantry-organizing tips to help you be more effective and organized.

Kitchen pantry storage ideas

Because the pantry is hidden, it frequently turns into a storage area for all kinds of detritus, including stale pasta packages, different munchies, miscellaneous spices, and tiny gadgets. However, the area begs to be organized with its many food categories and containers for related products, and these innovative pantry-organizing ideas will assist you in doing exactly that.

The easy design  Kitchen pantry storage ideas options that always work includes employing food storage containers, creating pullout cabinet systems, and hanging pot racks to keep everything in one spot. Alternatively, consider creating a concealed beverage nook to keep the basics in coffee and tea, using a spice rack to free up any space in drawers or cabinets, and turning pantry doors into chalkboards to scribble down to-do lists and reminders.

Thus, say goodbye to rummage through your pantry to get what you need. We hope these inexpensive organization suggestions will inspire you to upgrade your pantry as you peruse them.

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  • Start With a Clean Slate

Before you start the organizing Kitchen pantry storage ideas process, empty and spotless your whole pantry. Verify expiry dates and discard everything that is out of date or not in use. This will make room in your pantry and keep things tidy for a longer period.

  • Take Inventory

After the old items have been removed, you can see what requires organizing and may begin designating storage containers. Create a list of the essentials in your pantry and update it frequently.

  • Categorize

Then group similar things when you search for kitchen pantry storage ideas. Oils, condiments, snacks, or baking necessities may be conveniently kept in one location, so you can access what you need right away.

  • Use Clear Containers

A pantry that has busy packaging may appear crowded. Decant dry ingredients into transparent canisters, taking off any plastic bags or cardboard boxes first. Items with unusual shapes, such as chip bags and root vegetables, fit comfortably in bins as opposed to being carelessly packed on the shelf. To keep everything appearing coherent, choose transparent food storage containers.

  • Label

To ensure that everyone in your home understands where things are placed, label boxes, containers, and shelves. Employ blackboard labels or a Bluetooth label maker for rapid labeling, so you can simply change the lettering.

  • Utilize Doors

Organizers may be hung over pantry doors to add additional shelf space. These sorts of organizers frequently work well with canned items, spices, oils, and jars.

  • Make a Kid-Friendly Spot

Make a Kid-Friendly Spot is an important Kitchen pantry storage idea. Provide a range of nutritious options, such as protein bars, fruit candies, and crackers, in containers with built-in dividers. Labeling and visibility is essential for kids  maintain their order.

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  • Use Extra Wall Space

Wall space, if you have it, may completely affect how you organize a pantry. To keep garbage bags and conveniently replenish what is in the can, you may alternatively utilize a wall-mounted bag dispenser.

  • Add Shelf Liners | Kitchen pantry storage ideas

Produce falling through wire shelves and cartons toppling over may both be avoided with the aid of shelf liners. Liners may also avoid moist goods, such as oils, and sauces, from slipping off the shelves and pouring into the floor.

  • Keep It Up

About Kitchen pantry storage ideas, you should know that after a while, your pantry may get unkempt. Keep food available and visible for the entire family to help preserve your space. Always put things back where they belong. Make sure that everything is current and in its proper location twice a month to avoid having to spend hours arranging again.


Bins made of natural materials when you search for Kitchen pantry storage ideas, such as wicker, may be used to store anything from children’s snacks to canned foods, keeping your pantry orderly. Searching for your mid-afternoon snack or the last ingredient for supper is made simple by the clear labels that clearly describe what is in each bin.


Make use of the different shelf heights in your pantry by placing taller goods, such as bottles, towards the bottom.

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Kitchen pantry storage ideas

How do I maximize storage in my small pantry?

When you have a tiny pantry, you have to be a little more inventive with your storage and organizing, but if you set up a system, having a little pantry to maintain can be very pleasant.

Analyze the Size of Your Pantry

Do your shelves have any space in between them?

Look upward. How much room does the top shelf have above it?

See the walls of your pantry. Exists room to install hooks or a basket?

Examine your door. Can you utilize it?

It’s time to start now that you’ve given your area a thorough inspection.

Storage Using Pantry Doors

One of the most underused areas in homes is the doors. While I don’t advise stuffing every door in your house with racks and possessions, door racks may come in quite handy when you’re short on a room.

The racks may be clamped to the top and bottom of the doors or mounted onto them with screws to provide storage without causing holes.

To add a tonne of storage to your pantry, attach baskets to the racks. For spices, jars, cans, and quick-grab snacks, door racks are ideal.

Storage Utilizing Pantry Floors

Kitchen pantry storage ideas include utilizing your floor with caution. Do not place 100 cans stacked on the ground; rather, refrain from placing any little, individual things on the floor. Keep bulky goods like paper towels and drink bottles, or buy one or two big baskets to use for smaller items. The baskets may be used to store rolls of paper towels, potato chips, onions, and chip bags.

You can store smaller objects by using huge baskets, and you can also effortlessly slide them in and out to get to what you need and clean up the dust. When searching for a basket, pick one that is strong and washable, like this large basket.

Bins that stack are available if you have enough space. You may make the most of your vertical space by doing that.

My favorite stacking bins are these black wire bins, which can be used both stacked and unstacked. They even have a large metal label that you can add vinyl to or write on.

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Kitchen pantry storage ideas Need To Add one or two Shelves

In a small pantry, if there are any areas where significant portions of the wall are visible, you are probably not making good use of the vertical space.

Wherever you can, add a shelf. The area above and beneath the top shelf of many pantries is additional. Snacks for children are ideal on the lower shelf.

Although a top shelf won’t be convenient to reach, it’s a wonderful place to keep excess backstroke like boxes of cereal or extra sugar.

Utilize the area between the shelves

Consider when you want to find Kitchen pantry storage ideas that purchasing open-front bins that stack on top of one another or bin that connect to the underside of shelves if you are unable to add any further shelves.

  • Other favorite stacking bins: In addition to the fantastic choice, I mentioned above for stacking bins on the floor, I also adore these wooden stacking bins. These are beautiful and strong, which is vital if you’re working with wire shelving, and they look breathtaking on a shelf.
  • My favorite under-shelf basket: Sadly, using under-shelf baskets with wire shelving is difficult, but they work nicely with wood shelves. In a spot that could otherwise go unused, they provide you with a few more inches of storage. They also function nicely in desk and cabinet spaces.

Kitchen pantry storage ideas: Utilize containers on pantry shelves

The bins are the crowning glory of every pantry. While not everyone supports the “bins in the pantry” idea, they may be incredibly helpful if you just have a little amount of room.

Kitchen pantry storage ideas

What should be stored in a kitchen pantry?

Food in cans can be just as healthful as other fruit kinds, making them a particularly useful item to keep in your pantry and include on your grocery list for the pantry. So what more food can be kept here?

The direct response is:

  • Everything that doesn’t require rapid refrigeration
  • Stale food
  • Produce that is not quite ripe
  •  Jars, cans, and boxes with their lids on

There aren’t many exceptions to these broad guidelines. This indicates that the pantry has more storage space than you would realize. The pantry serves as the ideal location for them in particular circumstances.



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