L shaped closet system: Why is it important?

We’re giving you our best little L shaped closet system ideas in this post to help you get organized and utilize the space you do have. Because new clients frequently express their frustration with their small closet and their desire for solutions to enhance the look and usefulness of their L-shaped closet. You have come to the correct spot if this applies to you as well!

L shaped closet system

Our compact L shaped closet system ideas can help you become organized in no time if you’re having trouble deciding what to do with all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories!

The majority of people first just purchase apparel that they believe would look well on them. After all, a great-looking dress is likely flattering if you see someone wearing one. You’d be advised to avoid fashion-based choices while coming up with buying ideas for your wardrobe, unfortunately.

There are a number of things to think about when it comes to choosing your clothing, like your body type, your preferred dress style, your favorite colors, and if you require a selection of various types.

What were old closets called?

In its most basic form, a closet is a space, cabinet, or niche used to house clothing, china, and other items. It should not be surprising that such a basic and practical area would have existed for a while.

It turns out that Roman soldiers were among the first persons to utilize a closet. Particularly on lengthy treks, the soldiers need a more practical method of storing and transporting weapons and armour.

“Armoriums” were the name given to these storage spaces. As you might have guessed, what we currently refer to as an “armoire” is derived from the Roman term “armorium.”

Why not start by taking a look at your entire wardrobe instead of attempting to select which item of clothing concept fits you the best? Although most of us are aware with the L-shaped wardrobe design concept, it can be challenging for novices to determine which garments would truly match others. If you’re on a tight budget, here’s what to anticipate and what to avoid.

What are the different types of closets

What are the different types of closets?

In the context of talking about the L shaped closet system. Your closets are one of the few rooms in your house where making the most of the space is crucial. You won’t waste time or experience aggravation looking through a disorganized mess for a piece of clothes just to find that it’s too wrinkled to wear. Closets may be used for more than just displaying and storing your stuff. There are many sorts of closets, and they are used in many ways. Although some closets house your jackets and flowy skirts, others have food jars and electric crock pots.

A list of several closet kinds is provided below, along with advice on how to make the most of each one.

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L shaped closet system walk-in wardrobe

A walk-in closet is the pinnacle of closets for storing your clothing. Or, if the Rolls-Royce is more your style. Whatever your ideal vehicle may be, a walk-in closet has the largest storage space of any closet and enables unrestricted movement when choosing what to dress. Walk-in closets may display your items in addition to storing them if they are the proper size and shape.

Any closet area where a person may step inside with ease is referred to as a walk-in closet. Walk-ins come in a variety of sizes, from 3 by 5 feet to rooms large enough to qualify as master bedrooms.

The possibilities for constructing a walk-in closet are endless given the amount of space available. There is enough wall space to install storage units, hang clothing, and stack and fold things. Bigger walk-in closets may have an island unit that serves as both a dresser and a place to fold clothing. Some master walk-in closets will split the room into two sections, with a wall or storage unit to accommodate two persons. The majority of walk-in closets have a window, an HVAC vent, or even both to maintain a pleasant temperature.

The secret to maximizing your walk-in is to customize it to meet your needs. Do you want a wall only for storing your shoes? Try it out. Would you want to use the walk-in as your own runway? Locate a spot on the wall where you can hang some mirrors.

Reach-in wardrobe L shaped closet system

While being significantly smaller than their walk-in counterparts, reach-in closets are available in a wide range of designs. While reach-in closets normally only have an arm’s length of depth, the many varieties mostly rely on how the vertical space is employed.

The reach-in closet with the longest hanging bar is the most conventional. Reach-in closets frequently incorporate a shelf above the hanging rod for extra storage. The value of a property that offers neither suffers, since the majority of homes either have a walk-in closet or a reach-in.

These little closets frequently contain partitions, pull-out curtains, or hinged doors. More substantial reach-in closets may have sliding or bi-fold doors. Reach-in closets at the front door of a house are sometimes referred to as hall or entry closets; they function similarly to reach-in closets, with the exception that they are mostly used to hold coats and boots.

Using the area above the bar and below it are good strategies for optimizing the reach-in closet’s storage capacity. Try keeping out-of-season products above the bar.

Sometimes smaller dressers can be made below where your hanging clothing would hang, depending on the height of the closet. You may store your socks, underwear, and t-shirts in these drawers.

L shaped closet system for clothes (Wardrobe Closet)

A standing closet that is not attached to or built into the house is called a wardrobe closet. The size and design of wardrobe closets can vary significantly. Wardrobes have been around for millennia and are often composed of wood, notably oak.

Nowadays, wardrobe closets are far less common than they formerly were. Although most wardrobes today are used more for decoration than for storage, they may nonetheless give a space a royal appearance and feel. Some closet compartments include a long bar to keep bulky, draped goods like coats, while others have elaborate shelves to house a variety of items.

Linen L shaped closet system

Essentially a small reach-in closet, a linen closet is used to keep extra blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, and other bedding as well as toilet supplies. As they serve as a separation between bathrooms and bedrooms, linen closets are often small and situated in corridors.

Modern homes and flats can make use of linen closets as storage space for a washer and dryer. For simpler access, linen closets might include bifold doors, hinged doors, or none at all. A linen closet may be made the most of by using efficient shelving.


Perishable goods and kitchen supplies are kept in pantries, which are closets. Usually situated next to the kitchen, pantries come in reach-in and walk-in sizes. Modern homes frequently have larger pantries, but older homes frequently have smaller ones. Larger pantries are frequently without doors or divided in a way that makes it simple for someone to leave with their hands full. To improve the amount of storage available, pantries frequently use wired or wooden shelves.

Utility L shaped closet system

A reach-in closet that isn’t used for food, clothing, or linen storage is called a utility closet. A utility closet is perfect for storing your less attractive stuff like paint cans, boxes, chemicals, and luggage. Utility closets are also great for storing items you need to have around the house but hardly ever use. There are utility closets everywhere but in bedrooms.

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How do you use corner space in a walk-in closet

How do you use corner space in a walk-in closet?

When not done properly, closet corners can result in enormous amounts of wasted space. Hanging rods are frequently put in a crisscross pattern, rendering the corner utterly useless. Clothes become inaccessible if you can hang them as far into the corner as possible. The most typical and readily avoidable closet design error is this one.

From the start, stay away from this error. If you can influence the layout of your closet, make sure that this problem is avoided. Only one hanging portion should extend all the way into a closet corner to get the most out of the space. Anything other than a hanging that is 24″ off the corner should start on the opposite wall. You’ll have easy access to your hanging garments thanks to this.

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What’s the difference between closet and wardrobe?

While closets and wardrobes are both intended to be storage areas, their structures are distinct.

Initially, a closet is exactly what you would expect it to be: a compact enclosed compartment that is integrated into a house and used for storage. They can be reach-in, only a little deeper than an arm’s length, or walk-in, large enough to take a step inside. Often, closets contain sliding or folding doors to lock them off, as well as shelves for storing stuff above and below.

Contrarily, a wardrobe, which is also known as an armoire or chifforobe, is a sizable piece of furniture that opens to expose storage. Shelves or a hanging rod are typically included. While it is regularly strengthened, this object is mobile and not a part of the wall, ensuring that it doesn’t topple over. As shown in the image above, wardrobes may also be modular, allowing you to purchase many pieces that will fit together to form a single unit. When a property doesn’t already have enough storage, many individuals resort to wardrobes for more space, since they don’t want to do any building. Together with the necessity to locate a witch or a lion, of course.

Don’t confuse wardrobes with cupboards, to add one more word to the mix. Despite the fact that they are both intended for storage, cabinets are furniture pieces that are often used in kitchens or living rooms to keep domestic things like cutlery or dishware, whilst wardrobes are typically used in bedrooms.

L-Shape Wardrobe Design Ideas

For simple sharing and planning, browse through regional L shaped closet system ideas and add them to your boards.

Create a two-way wardrobe space

Medium-sized double-sided walk-in closets include storage along two sides that are separated by an inner clearing area. Similar to single-sided walk-ins, the design, and depth of double-sided walk-in closets can change depending on need.

For mixed storage, double-sided walk-in closets can be as wide as 6′ to 6.5′ (183 to 198 cm) or 7′ (213 cm), respectively, with two sets of comfortable hanging rods that are 24″ (61 cm) apart. Dimensions are determined by merging conventional storage depths onto the middle 36″ (91.4 cm) clearance zone.

Triangular Corner Wardrobe

Triangular Corner Wardrobe sometimes referred to as L-shaped closets, are ideal in tiny bedrooms to maximize space and add a little elegance. While most furniture does not fit in corners, there is still wasted space there. In addition to maximizing storage space and improving the look and feel of your home, corner wardrobes may occupy these uncomfortable places.

Tall & L-shaped Wardrobe

An ideal storage option may be a tall corner wardrobe. In your master bedroom, this may serve as a decorative accent. To add some variety, think about adding drawers at the bottom of the shelf. Choose a color that matches the master bedroom wall to hide the furniture’s curves. You won’t have to be concerned about the wardrobe overwhelming the space or hurting the decor this way with an L shaped closet system.

A wall-mounted wardrobe

For easy access and to make a nice area in the room, you might add a series of wall-mounted closets above the bed for storage. The bedroom of your teen is the perfect place for this modern corner closet. This is the most inventive and imaginative method to use the walls on both sides of a space.

A floating wardrobe

It is simple to mount a floating wardrobe to the wall. They are accessible and might be used sometimes for keeping stuff. By reflecting them in the right shape with the nightstand, you can simply create a very consistent design that doesn’t encroach on the area of your bedroom. Pale floating wardrobes are perfect for exhibiting a modern look.

Utilize the wall completely

The advantage of an L-shaped corner wardrobe is that it effectively utilizes space that would otherwise be lost. Many various clothes styles and daily accessories can be stored in l shaped closet system that runs the whole length of the wall. This improves the bedroom’s aesthetics while expanding its total storage capacity.

A two faced L-shaped wardrobe | L shaped closet system

Its design, which is shaped like a T, can fit into even the tiniest places because of its versatility. This might fit just as well in a sizable master bedroom. You may keep things like comforters, suitcases, and woolens that are only seldom used in the top part of the closet. This style of wardrobe is installed into the window wall’s corner, creating a very useful storage area in a small bedroom or even a sizable master suite.

Sliding Corner

A sliding corner wardrobe is an excellent alternative if your space is restricted. You may easily add your own touches to this unit and match the decor to the existing furniture in the space. Moreover, this permits enough storage. This is a fundamental piece of furniture for your child’s bedroom in terms of storage space. To store your kids’ toys and other possessions, you may design an L-shaped closet that combines functionality, aesthetics, and practicality in the right proportions.

Multipurpose wardrobe

L shaped closet system are useful for a variety of things. There are many things that may be stored in this closet. One of the best methods to maximize an unused bedroom corner and add more storage is to do this.

A wardrobe that features a lengthy hanging rail. This type of wardrobe is perfectly designed, and the additional shelves increase the amount of storage space available. One of the less expensive options with a lot of storage possibilities is this.

Play with bright colors

If you like vivid colors, you may choose this design. You should put this in the bedroom’s corner because it is conveniently located there. If a youngster will be sleeping in the room, it is very crucial. It should combine form, function, and practicality so that you may designate a place in the room for each and every tiny toy.

A sliding cupboard

A sliding cabinet is built into an L shaped closet system, so you may cram a cabinet against a freestanding wall. This versatile, easily customizable piece offers lots of storage space while blending in well with the design of the area.

FAQ | L shaped closet system

What kinds of closets are there in a house?

Although there are many types and designs of closets, there are basically four: A walk-in closet A reach-in closet A linen closet A pantry

A timeless wardrobe is what?

Simply said, having a thoughtfully chosen collection of long-lasting pieces that you can mix and combine any way you like constitutes having a timeless wardrobe.

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