Elevate Your Home with Stunning Wooden Style Kitchen Ideas

Despite the variety of materials  from which the kitchen is made these days, the wooden style kitchen ideas still has a special elegance and luxurious charm. Some people may think of the traditional character of traditional kitchens, but in fact, the design of the wooden kitchen has evolved greatly to suit all design styles, from rustic and traditional, to simplistic, Scandinavian, and even modern.

The wooden style kitchen ideas has a number of advantages that make it the preferred choice for interior designers, but it also has some disadvantages that make some people afraid to choose it.

In today’s article, we bring you a comprehensive guide to everything you want to know about a wooden style kitchen ideas, including its advantages and disadvantages, in addition to ways to clean and preserve it for long periods.

Features of a wooden kitchen

wooden style kitchen ideas is characterized by its luxurious appearance and has advantages that make it occupy the forefront among many interior design experts:

  • It is easy to create new designs in wood kitchens, and this depends on the type of wood, such as oak, which can be designed horizontally or vertically to highlight its design and distinctive linear grains.
  • The many types of wood, varying in quality and prices, make it suitable for all classes of society.
  • It is easy to renew by painting the wood in a color that matches the rest of the kitchen area.
  • Its strength and hardness as it is a material that is not hollow from the inside.
  • It is easy to maintain if it gets scratched.
  • It is easy to shape and combine with other materials such as marble.
  • It is distinguished by its elegance, shine and antique appearance.
  • Its multiple types make it suitable for all tastes, such as coconut, cherry and alder wood for classic kitchens, maple and pine wood for traditional and rustic kitchens, and HPL and oak wood for modern kitchens.
  • The diversity and distinction of heat- and moisture-resistant wood paints, such as Doco Furnace paint, lacquer, and acrylic.

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Disadvantages of wooden kitchen

One of the most important disadvantages of a wooden style kitchen ideas is that it quickly absorbs moisture and water, which makes it quickly damaged, so it is best to put it up quickly and not touch the walls directly so that moisture does not reach the wood:

  • It must be subjected to regular maintenance due to its easy cracking and damage.
  • Wood is an easy environment for insects and fungi to grow because it consists of an organic material that facilitates the growth of insects.
  • It is difficult to clean it because using water will expose it to damage. Therefore, a correct method must be followed when cleaning a wooden kitchen from stains that usually appear in kitchens as a result of fats, which is preparing a mixture of vinegar with a very little water, given the harmful effect of water on wood, then putting it in a bottle.

It contains a sprayer, and then it is sprayed and wiped continuously with a piece of cloth. We should not be satisfied with this type of cleaning, but deep cleaning can be done by mixing baking soda with a little water, and wiping the places that contain difficult fats.

As for the surface It shines, so you can go back to the detergent stores so that they can help you with the appropriate type of cleaning process, which gives the best results.

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wooden style kitchen ideas

Types of Wooden Styles

There are many types of ready-made raw materials (manufactured wood), but the most important of the wooden style kitchen ideas materials are:


Polylac is considered one of the best types of ready-made materials that can be used in wooden style kitchen ideas because polylac has the greatest gloss for decorative panels that can be used in the kitchen and therefore has the greatest resistance to scratching.

As there is a direct relationship between the strength of gloss and scratch resistance. It also has great resistance to breakage and maintenance… On the shine, appearance and color intensity.


It is a type of ready-made material that is imported from abroad or manufactured. In general, its advantages lie in that it is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and insects. It is a great choice for the wooden style kitchen ideas.

But on the other hand we must note that at the present time there are many different sources for importing and manufacturing acrylic. We do not know its specifications, so you must make sure that it has the FSC International Health Certificate.


HPL material is considered a development of PVC material in terms of colors, natural wood grade and quality because it has strong hardness and durability and can withstand heat up to 80 degrees Celsius.

It is anti-bacterial for preserving food and is characterized by many shades of colors, a suitable price and a suitable and healthy surface for food against water and humidity and its surface is matte.

4-The illiterate sitting:

It is characterized by bright colors and a shine level of 92 degrees. It can withstand breakage and scratching at a level of 4 Newton. It is available in many colors. Plain, marble and wood, certified sanitary products.


It is suitable for almost all wood industries and furniture manufacturing. It is used in gluing MDF boards and block boards, and this helps the carpenter or manufacturer in finishing.

It has many colors and designs that are not available in natural veneer, and its most important features are resistance to heat, scratching, and waterproof. Against moisture, against bacteria, easy to clean with soap and water, and the price is affordable.

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Choosing the Right Wood

Choosing the right type of wood for your wooden style kitchen ideas requires knowing some important things related to the wood used in kitchens, so we will give you some important advice that will benefit you greatly if you decide to have your kitchen made of wood:

1- It is preferable to use UV inhibitors in the final finishing of your wooden kitchen units, as they have proven to be highly effective in protecting wood from external factors such as direct sunlight and strong shocks.

2- No one can deny the splendor and beauty of the natural colors of wood. Despite this, it is preferable to paint kitchen units because they can be cleaned easily later if they are exposed to stains and dirt, which allows them to be preserved for as long as possible.

3- You must study the available budget well and be fully aware of the prices of wood available in the markets. Natural wood is known for its high prices due to its high quality and attractive appearance that is not available in any other type of kitchen.

4- Ensure that the design is practical and comfortable, and the types of handles and hinges must be chosen of high quality but at not exaggerated prices.

Good carpentry of kitchen wood and choosing the appropriate, long-lasting equipment are among the most important factors that help keep your wooden kitchen in good condition for as long as possible.

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Countertop Options

The wooden worktop makes the kitchen look very warm, cozy and elegant. However, the amount of maintenance and care it requires will also be very high, especially near areas where water will be used, such as the sink area.


wooden style kitchen ideas can also be easily scratched and stained, therefore it is recommended to seal and polish it frequently and professionally to maintain a flawless, natural appearance.

Flooring Choices

It is preferable to use hardwood or ceramic flooring when equipping medium-sized homes and more expensive homes, because this gives the wooden style kitchen ideas a sophisticated look.

These floors are described as highly durable, and both are good options for those with a large budget. But if you want to choose one of them as a preference, it is recommended to choose a hardwood floor for those who live in a cold climate, and ceramic for those who live in a warm climate.

Using hardwood for the floor makes the kitchen elegant, and it’s also warmer and softer on your feet. Especially if you spend a lot of time cooking etc. It also increases the spaciousness of your home.

And has a higher return on investment as it lasts for many years, especially if you choose durable solid wood that lasts for more than a hundred years. This floor can be polished, refinished and the color changed, in addition to being easy to repair.

Color Schemes and Finishes

One of the best types of wood paints to apply to wooden style kitchen ideas, especially those that require cleaning, is water-based paint that contains a high percentage of water to resist household chemicals and resist stains. As mentioned earlier, water-based paints are characterized by their low odor, quick drying, and ability to be cleaned with water.

Hardware and Accessories

Whether you are searching for wooden style kitchen ideas or any of the sections of the house, space is the first criterion that must be taken into consideration, as the available space determines the type of design and pieces that can be added.

One of the most important wooden style kitchen ideas tips related to space is to provide space for kitchen electronic devices and storage spaces, in addition to space that allows movement, and it is important that it is sufficient to move easily while cooking.

Layout and Space Optimization

Kitchen areas range from 9 square meters, which is the area of ​​a small kitchen, while large kitchens sometimes reach an area of ​​40 square meters.

Of course, it increases or decreases depending on the area of ​​the apartment or house, and despite the difference in size, there are several things in common in all kitchens, large and small. Including cooking appliances such as stove, electric oven, microwave, sink, and counter.

A small wooden style kitchen ideas is not necessarily worse to use, but there are several things that make you not feel that the kitchen is small or that it is small that hinders your work or movement inside it, and on the contrary.

It may be the large size of the kitchen, but the way it is organized or other factors make you feel unable to accomplish and easy to move and deal with.

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Maintenance and Cleaning

wooden style kitchen ideas cannot be cleaned like other types of kitchens using water and detergents. Because this greatly exposes it to damage and deterioration. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it in a special way, which is by using a piece of cloth with a little vinegar, and then passing it over the stains resulting from daily use of the kitchen.

This way you will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and germs. As for deep cleaning of the kitchen, you will need to use wood-specific cleaners.

You can also prepare a disinfecting paste of water and baking soda and leave it for several minutes inside the cabinets, then wipe the cabinet with a piece of dry cloth.

wooden style kitchen ideas

Inspirational Wooden Style Kitchen Ideas

There are many tips that can ensure you have a wooden style kitchen ideas:

  • Adopting simple door shapes and staying away from complex ornaments and door designs that contain prominent or recessed designs.
  • Inserting glass as doors for some of the upper units to give it a modern character that breaks the stereotype.
  • Inserting buried lighting units such as lighting spots to give a different look.
  • You can insert appliances such as the oven and refrigerator as units buried within the kitchen units and cupboards so that the overall look is cohesive.
  • You can get creative with the food counter, and if space allows, you can create rotating nooks and corners as an alternative to the traditional rectangular designs.
  • Inserting stainless steel into the handles and accessories to give the place a contemporary and modern feel.
  • You can replace the typical marble counter with modern and contemporary types of counters that are far from the traditional marble and granite look.

Budgeting and Cost Considerations

Whether you agree or disagree, modern wooden style kitchen ideas are by far the best. What we mean by this talk is those types that are treated externally and internally with high-quality materials such as Lamygloss, Polylac, Eulac, and Kronospan.

This means that not all wooden kitchens are good, as we have had bad experiences due to the use of untreated wood, which resulted in excessively high kitchen temperatures, deterioration of the paint, cracking of the cabinets, and the spread of insects and fungi, which in turn damage and destroy stored foods such as flour and grains.

It is worth noting that the prices of modern wood kitchens vary depending on the area of the kitchen, which the larger the cost. It also depends on the type and quality of the materials used, in addition to the luxuries and accessories that affect the total cost of the wooden style kitchen ideas.


At the end of the text, there is no doubt that the wooden style kitchen ideas always gives a feeling of luxury and distinction, and there are many types of treated wood that have appeared recently.

In addition, the wooden style kitchen ideas gives distinction to your home if it is designed in a distinctive way with consistent colors and the choice of good flooring.

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